Being A Woman

In honour of International Women's Day.

Malala Yousafzai. Rosa Parks. Mother Teresa. Eleanor Roosevelt. Michelle Obama. Anne Frank. Marie Curie. Margaret Thatcher. Toni Morrison. All female. All badass.

Some of the most influential people on this planet have been women and that empowers millions. Throughout the centuries, being a woman has never been easy. Quite honestly, I don't think it ever will be. It's 2017 and women are still being doubted. Being turned down from job opportunities. Being paid unequally. Being told their only purpose is to reproduce. Being sexualized by strangers. Being called a 'bitch' for speaking out against what is immoral. Being frowned upon for raising a child without a husband. Being abused, raped, victim shamed, cat-called, disrespected and having it normalized. Being told they can't. 

And yet, what do all the women I mentioned earlier have in common? They proved that they can. Rather, they proved that WE can. I actually don't mind having our gender doubted. Why? Because we get to see the facial reactions when we prove equality wrong. For so long I felt less superior than men. I felt that I deserved less because I am a woman. I felt that it was allowed for someone to "own" me and my body and my choices, simply because I am a woman. As much as people claim that our society is finally becoming more equal, we still have a long way to go.

To my girl friends, my mom, my aunts, my cousins and every woman that has ever told me I can: Thank you. I love being outspoken and standing up for what I believe in regardless of what society has to say about it. I am able to feel this way because of the many females that have influenced our world for being exactly what everyone said we wouldn't and couldn't be.

But what about the next generation? The young girls of our world need hope. They need to be inspired. They need to feel safe. They need to feel equal. The only way to make that happen is for us to continue being what the world doesn't want us to be: brave, intelligent and powerful. It's up to us to make an impact.

Because I am a woman, I must make unusual efforts to succeed. If I fail, no one will say, ‘She doesn’t have what it takes.’ They will say, ‘Women don’t have what it takes.’
— Clare Boothe Luce


Happy International Women's Day.

- S.