Tour Guiding in Amsterdam

This past weekend, my high-school friend Samantha came to visit Utrecht + Amsterdam (and me, of course). Up until now, I hadn't done or seen much of the touristy sites in my city. It was fun to show someone around as it was the first time it truly hit me that the Netherlands is my home. 

We did almost all of the typical Amsterdam things. If you're looking for things to do in the best city on earth, this post is for you! 

1) Hop on a canal ride

As typical as it sounds, canal rides are actually extremely soothing. I've taken 3 since I've been in the Netherlands and I'm still not bored of them. Plus, you get to see almost all of Amsterdam from below. I highly suggest the Blue Boat company, that has been my favourite so far. The tour guide was knowledgeable and you can follow along with audio headphones. I learned a lot about Amsterdam that I would have never guessed. For example, did you know that Amsterdam has 165 canals?! (don't worry, I didn't either). Along the way, they point out monumental buildings and museums and you can follow the path on a map.

2) Visit the Heineken Brewery

After visiting breweries in other European countries, my expectations weren't that high for Heineken. To my surprise, it was absolutely huge and I could've spent an entire day in there. Be sure to take a tour on the weekend (that's when the rooftop patio is open). 

3) Check out the views from the top of the A'DAM Tower & ride the tallest swing in Europe

A must do! If you're a thrill seeker and enjoy views from heights, then you can't miss out on this. 

4) Check out the museums

Amsterdam has a wide variety of museums. From Van Gogh to the Anne Frank House to Rijks to Diamond. There are over 60 museums in Amsterdam so there is definitly something for everyone. In light of good timing, we were able to catch the Banksy & Warhol: laugh now Exhibit at the MoCo Museum. 

5) Take a day trip to Kinderdijk

After touring around Amsterdam, my roommate and I took Sam to see the windmills in Kinderdijk so she could have a real Dutch experience. We had a picnic by the water and brought as many Dutch things we could find (tulips and stroopwaffles). If you're planning to visit Kinderdijk, you should plan it around either seeing the sunrise or the sunset - you won't be disappointed. 

The more I see of Amsterdam and the Netherlands, the more I fall hopelessly in love with this country. I've never felt more comfortable in a new environment than I do here.

- S.


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