Tulips, Avocado & King's Day

Can you tell that I've been busy? I guess it's kind of obvious that I've been slacking on the blog front and it feels good to finally become organized again. A lot has happened since my last weekly post. I spent my Easter Break in Switzerland, (you can read about it here), my cousin came to visit, then my best friend came to visit and now I'm close to the end of my month long reporting trip.

Before leaving, I managed to squeeze in three blog-worthy adventures: visiting the tulip gardens, eating at the avocado show and celebrating King's Day.

Netherlands is known for many things such as stroopwaffles, fries in a cone, bicycles and of course, tulips. Each year, the Botanical gardens of Keukenhof open it's doors for just one short month between April and May as this is the prime time to see the tulips blooming.

There is easy access to get there from Amsterdam Airport by bus. The lines are long, however, it is well worth the wait. Below are some photos from the day we spent there.

On to the Avocado Show. It just so happens that the friends I made on exchange are also avocado-obsessed. The world's first avocado restaurant opened in Amsterdam a few months ago and as you can imagine, we all exploded with excitement. We finally got to check it out and I loved every bite! The décor was appealing and was definitely made for bloggers. I had a simple, but tasty, dish called the Avo Rose which consisted of hummus, avocado and edible flowers on toast. My friends and I also split nachos and the guac did not disappoint. 

Having a lot of visitors gave me the opportunity to try a bunch of new places in Utrecht and Amsterdam. It also made King's Day an unforgettable exchange memory. King's Day is a public holiday in the Netherlands as it is the celebration of the King's birthday. In honour of the King, everyone dresses up in ridiculous orange costumes (The Netherlands main colour is orange). 

Ah, King's Day. Orange everything, crowded streets, boats filled with music and DJs, old-school belongings turned into street markets and lots of beer. It was quite an experience. King's Day is the Netherland's way of celebrating the birth date of the current king. Everyone wears ridiculous outfits in bright orange as it is the Netherland's colour and they head out to major cities or towns to party all day.

I discovered that King's 'Night' is just as popular as King's Day. King's Night is the night before King's Day, almost comparable to Christmas Eve. People go nuts. There are free outdoor festivals set up in almost every city and tons of food vendors. It is literally one big party. 

It was definitely one for the books.

Stay tuned for lots of pictures and details on my reporting trip once I'm back.

- S.